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 2021 Campaign 

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On the Roof!

We busted through all of our milestones for 2021! This places us in a great position to reach our 2025 campaign goal of $3.5M


All funds received in excess of the Track program’s 2021 funding requirement, currently estimated at approximately $600K, will be applied toward future year’s funding commitments. 

A key metric for the campaign was our overall participation rate. Through your generosity, we achieve 30% participation by the alumni of the program.

The Athletic Director has challenged each sport at the College to contribute $7,500 per athlete to close the current year budget deficit; the ability of each sport to reach its goal will be considered in the long-term plan regarding the viability of each such sport at the College.


​Our remaining challenge:  Whereas our total donations received + currently pledged for 2021 + future year commitments currently total approximately $2.3M, we need to raise an additional $1.2M to reach our campaign goal to provide the funds necessary to support the Track program through 2025.  All donated funds will be used exclusively for Cross Country + Track & Field to support scholarships, travel, and other operating expenses not covered by the College.


If you have not donated or pledged, please consider a gift; if you have not formalized your pledge, please do so with the College.  


BackTrack, in cooperation with the College’s Development Office, is leading the solicitation of donors for the Campaign. BackTrack will not receive funds or pledges; all contributions will be directed to the College for restricted gifts to the Track program. All pledges must be registered with the College in order to recognized towards the campaign. 

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